Our History

Lake Mary Preparatory School brings the finest academics, athletics, fine arts, and community service opportunities to children in PreK3 through 12th grade. Now covering 48 acres, the school began in 1999 as Learning Unlimited under the direction of Bill and Pouneh Alcott.

In 2007, Lake Mary Preparatory School joined the Meritas Family of Schools. Each school in the Meritas family is a student-centric community sharing core values as well as the privileges and opportunities of belonging to a worldwide network. Each school is administered locally and retains the special characteristics that arise from its unique setting, traditions, history and culture.
The LMP Advantage

Students say . . .

"They teach you to become respectful and nice."

– 4th grader


"We're so excited to get new kids at the school because we want to add them to our family!"

– 8th grader

Parents say . . .

"On return to the U.K. we have been offered a place at our first choice of schools. I feel our daughters' achievement is a reflection of the high standards you set at Lake Mary Prep."


"I think about the kinds of people I have hired in business, and my kids are turning into that sort of person."


Alumni say . . .

"There’s a real sense of community and teamwork. The teachers encourage you to always do your best, to push your boundaries."