Class Trips

Students also engage in learning through extended travel. Lake Mary is known for its class trips, which take our curriculum on the road, providing hands-on learning opportunities throughout the United States.

Students look forward to each year's trip and savor the memories of trips they've taken. 

Trips include paddling down the Lewis and Clark Trail in Montana, dancing at the Vienna Ball while interacting with European nobles, and participating in Pioneer Day. Other travel opportunities are the Holocaust Museum trip, Academic Olympiad, and The Games. 

Class Trips By Grade Level

While nearly every grade level participates in wide-ranging field trips, the list below includes only each grade's major annual journey.

8th Grade Lewis and Clark Trail – Montana
The trip begins at the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center where the 8th graders go on a scavenger hunt searching for answers to questions concerning Lewis and Clark’s expedition west.

Then they spend three nights on the banks of the Missouri River where they go hiking, canoeing and primitive camping. The trip culminates with the students having canoed 47 miles down the Missouri River and having hiked up to the Hole in the Wall.

Their knowledge of Lewis and Clark’s experience becomes their own personal experience. To students’ sense of Lewis and Clark’s accomplishments is added the sense of their own accomplishments.

6th Grade Cedarkirk Camp
During this three-day, two-night program our 6th grade students face a variety of challenges. They take part in many activities designed to increase critical thinking and the ability to make healthy choices.

Activities also strengthen the bonds of friendships, trust, and mutual respect, teach conflict resolution and an appreciation of diversity, and stimulate responsibility and positive self-esteem. Additionally, students study Florida’s ecology and their relationships with the natural environment.

The students sleep in climate-controlled lodges and eat meals in a modern dining room. Campfire circles, air-conditioned classrooms, nature trails and playing fields are some of the features included in this trip.


When you put yourself out there, with students and teachers, you engage in a kind of learning that is hard to capture when you’re not in one of those kinds of environments.


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