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Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking is the acquired skill of gathering, organizing, testing, and using information. It is a key component of every class at Lake Mary Preparatory School that can grow students potential. We challenge our students to think for themselves and harness their own power of knowledge.


Differentiation is a state-of-the-art teaching technique that helps teachers to ignite the potential in every student. Classes are divided into small groups, with each group of students receiving assignments that challenge and inspire them to reach the next level.


Learn more about Lake Mary Preparatory School's Academic plans:

Lower School: PreK — Fifth Grade - Learn more here.
Middle School: Sixth Grade — Eighth Grade - Learn more here.
Upper School: Ninth Grade — Twelfth Grade - Learn more here.

Overall Academic Plan

LMP has helped me to take rigorous courses, providing me with the means to constantly be challenged. In addition to that, they helped me find my passion and my 'family' in the worlds of debate, band, and the sciences. These are important aspects of my life, and I truly value all of the opportunities that are available to me.

Albi M. Sophomore Student, 6 Years at LMP

For the first year, I lived at University Hall at LMP. I feel that I have grown tremendously over 2 years here. LMP taught me how to stand up and be independent and how to keep my head up if life started to pull me down. Overall, LMP has taught me such a precious lesson in life and I consider being here at LMP the biggest blessing of all.

Viet Tran International Student, Senior, 2 Yrs at LMP

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