Personalized Learning

At Lake Mary Preparatory School, your child will be challenged at the appropriate level, motivated to expand their capabilities, and be inspired to assume responsibility for their own learning.

Starting at the Lower School levels, each child is supported individually in Lake Mary Preparatory School's community with relationships and resources that foster confidence, problem-solving, and creativity with a love of learning.

With the guidance of our engaging and caring teachers, your child will develop a unique Personal Learning Plan, with customized goals toward academic improvement and enrichment. Our Individual Growth Assessments will also strategically optimize your child’s progress.

With this collaborative, hands-on, inquiry-based learning taking place on a daily basis, it’s easy to see why our students learn at a fast pace and are recruited by some of the most prestigious universities in the world.

Collaborating Toward Constant Improvement

The world-class teachers here at Lake Mary Preparatory School are trained to identify your child's academic challenges or weaknesses and create goals toward improvement in those areas. The teacher, student, and parents will then collaborate together to create a strategy for reaching those goals.

Planning for Enrichment, Growth, and Success

Personal Learning Plans also focus on further developing strengths and interests. For each student, our teachers regularly identify areas of demonstrated strengths or interests and create personalized activities that enrich the student’s growth in that area.

If you’d like to see examples of our personalized approach at your child’s grade level, please see our resources for early childhood academics, lower school academics, middle school academics, or high school academics.

Strength in Integration

Integrated within the innovative and effective framework of your child’s Personal Learning Plan is our focus on rigorous academics and critical thinking skills. This focus within our diverse community of global perspective strengthens and solidifies the Lake Mary Preparatory School experience.

Interested in Attending at LMP?

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