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STEAM Education

Lake Mary Preparatory School understands the importance of technology in the modern world, therefore we strive to integrate our STEAM initiative across all grade levels. 

What is STEAM?

STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) are subjects incorporated into the curriculum that teach students to think critically and utilize engineering and technology with imagination and creativity to solve real-world problems, meanwhile expanding their science and mathematics understanding. 


Lower School

Students in our Lower School begin their STEAM journey in the Makerspace where they are introduced to computer programming, robotics, engineering, traditional arts, and crafts. We also have a Think Tank classroom that offers a hands-on study of engineering and architecture in an environment that the students can build and tinker while using materials from cardboard and LEGO's to 3D modeling and CAD software. 


Upper School

Our Upper School also has a dedicated Makerspace where students can push the boundaries of creativity while incorporating STEAM skills with tools such as 3D printers, laser cutter/engravers, and interactive displays. Students also have access to CAD and Graphic Design software and well as various other resources to maximize their project potential. In our Robotics classes, students use VEX to learn robot design and engineering, and they apply their new skills to the construction of their own robot utilizing the Arduino microcomputer. 

In the Graphic Design/Yearbook classstudents learn about Graphic Design while using iMac computers and Adobe CC, with the ultimate goal of designing Lake Mary Prep's yearbook each year. Film & Broadcasting classes are other opportunities for our students to learn digital media. The students use digital cameras and Final Cut Pro video editing software to show us a perfect application of students applying the use of technology.

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