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Stories From the Garden

In our garden, students are scientists, conservationists, farmers, chefs, entrepreneurs, problem solvers, community leaders, and storytellers.

They learn basic scientific concepts such as photosynthesis and explore more complex issues such as sustainable agriculture, conservation, and food insecurities. Students collaborate in-person and online to develop learning materials and keep the public informed of our progress. Furthermore, we will bring these experiences home through a DIY Hydroponic Project. 

While the maintenance of the garden is the primary responsibility of the Life Sciences (7th grade) class, the garden is for everyone! We encourage other students and teachers to be part of this great experience. 

This project was made possible by an award from the National Geographic Society’s COVID-19 Remote Learning Emergency Fund for Educators.

Hydroponic Blog

It Happens!
Ms. O

“Just put the seed in the rockwool” they say. “It is easy!” they told me. Well, they didn’t tell us the whole story. We had great success with the Romaine lettuce...

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