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Take a peek inside any of our classrooms and what you will find are engaged students paired with inspiring teachers. We invite you to explore some of the recent units our students have been working on here at Lake Mary Prep.

Students in Ms. Barack's class recently completed their Nonfiction and Research unit; exploring the vast field of academia, gathering information, and using that information to further and articulate personal interests. This unit was specifically designed to teach students how to use helpful search tools (like JSTOR and Google Scholar) to source scholarly articles in support of texts and materials, gain exposure to high-level vocabulary, isolate specific information from texts, understand and utilize audience and purpose, organize information, and develop professional speech and presentation skills in the format of a TedTalk.

This unit was so amazing and opened a door to what makes our kiddos tick. I was excited to help my students hone their academic skills whilst they pursued their own personal interests. 

The structure of the unit mirrored the Hero's Journey, which was introduced at the beginning of the year. Students received a copy of The Eloquent Essay and were asked to read an article from the book, discuss the text, and watch a TedTalk connected to the content of the selected essay. In addition to these tasks, students used JSTOR/Google Scholar to source scholarly articles on the topics of the essays, and practice reading and deciphering highly academic texts. As a result of the practice, students were then prepared to create their own scripts on a nonfiction topic of their choosing and film their own TedTalk to present to the class.

Disclaimer: Works cited sheets were created for all videos and submitted to the teacher independently, so as not to impede the flow of the video.