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Upper School Advisory Program

At Lake Mary Preparatory School, we believe that advisory classes and character development are both important aspects of student’s social and emotional development. 

These classes are held weekly and follow a written curriculum with a focus on the character development of our students.

What sets Lake Mary Preparatory School apart from other schools, is the one-on-one support we offer our students both academically and socially. At Lake Mary Preparatory Upper School, each student is assigned an advisor who assists the student in achieving their academic and personal goals. These weekly meetings supply built-in peer groups for all students in the Upper School. Second, it gives students an advisor who knows them well and who can offer advocacy and support in difficult social and academic situations. The advisor follows the student through all four years of Upper School.

Ideally, the advisory teacher is someone the student knows he or she can trust and talk to about their progress and position in the school. The advisor also acts as a liaison between the students’ teachers and parents.

Because LMP is a small school, I feel like I have been able to participate in many things I wouldn't have had the change to at a larger school. LMP has prepared me academically for college and has definitely challenged me and has made me a better person because of it.

-Cameron Lucas, Senior

Lake Mary Prep has helped me improve my study habits and prepared me for college. It has also helped me mature in general. I have seen my attitude mature as well as communicate with others. LMP has allowed me to grow up in the 7 years that I have been here. I owe who I am today to the teachers and community at LMP.

-Petar Nikolic, Senior