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Mission Statement

The Griffin Parent Association's mission is to promote the welfare of children by bringing into a closer relationship the home and the school, so that parents, teachers, and administration may have a unitive approach to their school experience. Our commitment is inspired by our children's opportunity to grow in a family environment and create lifelong relationships with parents, friends, school staff, and other members of our community. 

The LMP community is composed of many different beliefs and traditions, celebrating commonalities in our experiences. 

We value unity, embrace family, act with integrity, and trust in teamwork. 

Griffin Parents Association Board Members' Emails

Upper School Liaison:
Middle School Liaison:
Lower School Liaison:


GPA holds meetings 2-3 times per year for the LMP Parents to interact with the LMP Staff and Leadership.

Recurring GPA-Sponsored Events for the Lake Mary Prep Community

Boohoo Breakfast (Back to School Week - August)
Welcome Back Wine & Cheese (September/October)
Holiday Brunch for Staff (December)
Teacher Appreciation Week (May)
GPA also recruits volunteers for some school-sponsored events. For the most accurate list, check the school calendar

GPA Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: Is the GPA part of the school?
A: The GPA is part of the LMP Community, it is a separate 501c3 non-profit business entity, however. It works on independent events, fundraising, and coordinates volunteers for school-sponsored events. 

Q: Do I need to 'sign-up' for GPA?
A: No. If you're a member of the LMP Community, you're already a part of the GPA! The GPA is not a club or members-only organization. We welcome alumni, immediate family members of current Lake Mary Prep students, and parents of alumni. Grandparents, guardians, friends, and mentors of our students are also welcome to participate in our events and contribute to the LMP Community. 

Q: Is GPA participation mandatory?
A: Participation, including board membership or room parent volunteering, is voluntary and not mandatory.

Q: How do I get involved in GPA?
A: There are several ways to participate. You can become a GPA Board Member, contact the respective liaison for your school, and contribute as a room parent, or fill out your Pick One Form to volunteer for activities run by the school (but volunteer-sourced by the GPA).

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