Varsity Archery Team: Conference Champions, JH Runner-Up

March 05, 2018

Both of our Varsity and Middle School Teams made an OUTSTANDING showing this past Saturday, March 2nd, here at the OAS Orlando Conference Championship.
Varsity came in FIRST in the conference overall, while the Middle School team came in SECOND in the conference overall! Listed below is the overall results from Lake Mary Prep team members. 
Individual Medals:
Ranking Rounds: Jules Sadowski  - Varisty - 3rd
                             Sydney Skippers - Varsity - 4th
                             Anna Daleiden - Middle School - 3rd
                             Jaidyn Holt - Middle School - 4th
                             Eric Pawlowski - Varsity - 2nd
Olympic Rounds: Sydney Skippers - Varisty - Gold
                             CJ Daleiden - Varsity - 4th
                             Jack Baxter-Stacey - Varsity - Bronze
                             Eric Pawlowski - Varsity - 4th
                             Triples Team - Varsity: Lucas Perreault, Parker Martin, Jules Sadowski - Gold
                             Anna Daleiden - M.S. - Silver
                             Triples Team - Izzy Ciesluk, Elizabeth Edmonds, Jaidyn Holt - M.S. - Silver
Up next, the teams will compete at the State level on April 21st at Lake Mary Preparatory School. Go Griffins! 

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