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At Lake Mary Prep, we believe that advisory classes and character development are both important aspects of an adolescents' social and emotional development. Due to this strong belief, our Middle School students participate in weekly advisory classes. These classes, held every Thursday, follow a written curriculum and focus on the character development of our students. What sets LMP apart from other schools, is the one-on-one support we offer our students both academically and socially. This support comes from our teachers and administrators. Our advisory class environment, which is informal, fosters these student-faculty relationships. 

Topics in our advisory program include respect, conflict resolution, bullying, coping with peer pressure, adolescent changes, digital citizenship, and more. Students are given mock situations to resolve and participate in various role-playing activities. Students are required to complete various assignments relating to the topics covered in the class. 

Awards Ceremony
Student academic achievements will be recognized in an annual awards ceremony at the end of the school year. Students work diligently throughout the school year and the Middle School Awards Ceremony is a time when faculty, parents and students come together and acknowledge Lake Mary Preparatory School’s outstanding achievers. 

Quarterly Event Nights
Event nights are voted on by the student body, and led by the student government organization. Some examples include roller skating, lock-in, powder puff, dances, and bowling. 

These event nights are intended help students bond and get to know each other in a non-academic setting. 

Middle School Class Trips
Sixth, seventh, & eighth grade students will participate in multiple-day field trips away from campus. Each field trip is academic in focus but also incorporates student bonding and experiences outside of the classroom. For more information about the class trips, click on this link. 

Middle School Clubs
Middle School students are encouraged to participate in several clubs. This allows students to explore different interests and develop relationships outside of the classroom. Clubs offered vary on student interests, and availability changes from year-to-year.

Middle School Community Service
Lake Mary Preparatory School encourages all Middle School students to complete community service on and off campus. These hours support their requirements for NJHS. As a school we place an emphasis on serving our community. Students are encouraged to seek opportunities to make a positive impact within the Lake Mary Prep and local community. 

Pep Rallies
Lake Mary Preparatory School enjoys the benefits of having many successful athletic teams. Periodic pep rallys provide students, faculty and staff an opportunity to show their support of Lake Mary Preparatory School’s scholar-athletes. These are exciting, fast-paced events with plenty of music, games and school spirit.

Student Government
Middle School students have the opportunity to participate in the full spectrum of the electoral process from campaigning, making speeches, developing platforms and becoming acquainted with the issues of their peers and school. Those elected then having the opportunity of serving as leaders in our school.

If you’re interested in learning more about joining Lake Mary Preparatory School, we’d encourage you to please request more information here, as early as possible in your decision-making process.

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