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The Arts: Create, Improvise, Explore

We teach our students that the arts are part of our daily lives – from the music we hear on the radio, to the pictures on the wall, to the garden in our own back yard!

The Fine Arts are not only an integral part of our curriculum –they are our passion. The process of creation, improvisation and exploration forms the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Led by gifted artists and teachers, our comprehensive offerings provide students with powerful vehicles for self-expression, reflection and creativity. We encourage students to find and pursue the creative area of their choice, whether it is acting, singing, playing an instrument or the visual arts.

We believe that the arts encourage development of the whole child, by building self-esteem, inspiring creativity and leading students to think critically about the world surrounding them.

The performing arts link children to each other and the community. The students know the joy of creating something together and the pleasure of sharing their gift with through performances.

Program Structure and Opportunities Offered

Our programs have a dual focus: formal course offerings that teach techniques and principles and first-hand exposure. Course offerings include Two and Three Dimensional Design, Graphic Design, Ceramics, Broadcasting, Film, Instrumental Music, and Dance.

Exposure to the arts also comes through local field trips, visiting artists and trips abroad, all valuable, sometimes life changing experiences for our students. We also encourage our students to visit the cultural hot spots around Central Florida and to participate in school travel opportunities.

Fine Arts Links and Resources

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