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digital arts

Digital Arts

The digital media courses at Lake Mary Preparatory School allow students the opportunity to learn and explore the world of graphic design, video development and production. From digital image editing to producing video content for events, students collaborate with each other to build the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the world of digital media.

Film/TV Production 

In our TV broadcasting and film classes, students learn to work as a team, act with professionalism and meet deadlines. Our film and broadcasting students are frequently seen around campus with video cameras or pouring over the computer screens as they edit their final work.
Film students study the evolution of film, the art of videography and screenwriting. Students collaborate in teams, working on a variety of projects such as Public Service Announcements, a children's movie, a documentary and a short film of personal choice.

Graphic Design & Animation Class 

Graphic Design & Animation classes are offered to both Middle School and Upper School students. These courses are designed to introduce students to the foundational elements of visual communication. Students will explore all types of creativity through 3D, video, digital illustration, and page layout techniques. A variety of Adobe software applications are used within both classes to broaden the foundational skills within graphic design and animation. 


Upper School students have the opportunity to work on the yearbook throughout the duration of the year as an elective course. Through this collaborative and highly-technical course, students gain essential skills for success as they work through layout design, photography, copy-writing, and advertising sales. 


Photography courses are available to students who desire to learn more about the fundamental skills of digital photography. Students will learn to master photo composition on a DSLR and demonstrate their creativity through photo-editing software to bring out the best in their photographs. 

Kevin Marshburn

Kevin Marshburn

Secondary School, TV Production/Film
Katherine Turkelson

Katherine Turkelson

Secondary School, Graphic Arts