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Fine Arts

Create, Improvise, Explore

We teach our students that the arts are part of our daily lives – from the music we hear on the radio, to the pictures on the wall, to the garden in our own back yard! At Lake Mary Preparatory School, our art studios include large workspaces for students to develop and enrich their creativity and interpretation, learning various techniques of art such as drawing, painting, sculpting, and more. Self-expression takes many forms in our arts program: drawing, painting, pottery, sculpting and more.

The Fine Arts are not only an integral part of our curriculum–they are our passion. The process of creation, improvisation, and exploration forms the cornerstone of our philosophy.

We want our students to be able to think in terms of images, as well as words, so they can express themselves in every way possible. We also hope they appreciate the work of others, begin a lifelong interest in art and embrace experiences that can bring beauty and meaning into their lives.

We believe the arts encourage the development of the whole child, by building self-esteem, inspiring creativity, and leading students to think critically about the world surrounding them.

Traditional Arts Overview

Traci Reitz

Traci Reitz

Secondary School, Fine Arts