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Financial Aid

For students in PreK 3 – 12th grade whose family requires financial assistance, Lake Mary Preparatory School uses TADS, an independent school management program, to objectively determine each family's need for tuition assistance. We strive to make our school accessible to those who value a private education and additional programs offered, however, as a member of the FHSAA, Lake Mary Preparatory School is not permitted to offer scholarships for merit, sports, or other areas.

We pride ourselves on being a diverse community of students with individual interests, talents, and backgrounds, and recognize that a qualified student should not allow financial circumstances to deter him or her from applying to Lake Mary Preparatory School.

state funded scholarships

Lake Mary Preparatory School accepts Florida Empowerment Scholarship (FES-EO), Florida Empowerment Scholarship for Unique Abilities (FES-UA), and the HOPE Scholarship. You can learn more by visiting Step Up for Students. These scholarships can award $7,000 to $10,000 per student and can help defray the cost of tuition. It's important to note that a parentally placed private school student with a disability does not have an individual right to receive some or all of the special education and related services that the child would receive if enrolled in a public school under the IDEA. 

Need-based Financial Aid

Lake Mary Prep allocates a set amount in need-based financial aid to qualified families. Financial aid must be applied for and evaluated annually. The application process for financial aid is self-managed and allows families to track each step from start to finish. Lake Mary Preparatory does not offer academic, athletic, or other merit-based scholarships. Additionally, Lake Mary Preparatory limits the awarding of financial aid to two children per family at a time. A student should be enrolled for at least one year. International students are not eligible for financial aid.

Assessing Financial Need

To objectively determine each family's need for assistance, Lake Mary Prep uses TADS, an independent school management program. TADS provides a confidential, comprehensive analysis of how much a family is able to reasonably contribute toward the cost of tuition. Disbursement of funds is contingent upon the results of a completed TADS application, a school participation survey, and a review by our Tuition Assistance Committee. 

Note: For families applying for financial aid, a student must be enrolled at LMP to be considered.

Lake Mary Preparatory School awards financial aid to students without regard to race, gender, religion, national origin, or disability.

The Tuition Assistance Committee at Lake Mary Prep went above and beyond for my family! They pointed me in the right direction when it came to applying for financial aid and even updated me once our application was approved.


If you have questions regarding financial aid, please contact the Admission Office at 407-805-0095 or email

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